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Bioglass and bone infections:  Interview Avalon   -  Tabloid Ortho   -  MediTech -   E Heraldo   (Spanish)


An App to help diagnose peri-prosthetic infections:   Interview JCJR


Identying risk factors for bone infections:   Interview EFORT 2013


Necrotizing fasciitis:  Orthopaedics Today













Is There an Influence of Biomaterials on Infections ?


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Milano Biofilm Meetings


Since 2010 at the Prof. Carlo L. Romanò and Prof. Lorenzo Drago are organizing multi-disciplinary meetings on the problem of implant-related infections and bacterial biofilms.


MBM 2017


MBM 2015 - MBM 2013 - MBM 2010






European Bone and Joint Infection Society


EBJIS 2016


EBJIS 2015 - EBJIS 2014 - EBJIS 2013



MBM 2015 MBM 2015 [666 Kb]

Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications - Bone and Joint Infections



Implant Coating With Antibacterial-Loaded Hydrogel Reduces Bacterial Colonization 


Anbitbiofilm agents: where are we ? Antibiofilm agents may open a completely new approach o prevention and treatment of orthopedic infections and not only.


Value of debridement and irrigation for peri--prosthetic infections Debridement and irrigation in selected cases can be a possible approach to save an infected prosthesis.


A new approach to identify bacteria in joint prosthesis (see below): chemical debonding of bacteria from failed removed prosthesis is a completely new approach to peri-prosthetic infection detection.


JOR 2013 JOR 2013 [135 Kb]
Bone and Joint Infections

Galeazzi Institute - Milano - Italy

Bone and Joint Infections


Bone and Joint Infections

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