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Osteomyelitis is a Bone Infection

Osteomyelitis is a Bone Infection - Bone and Joint Infections

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone.


Most frequent pathogens include Staphylococci, but a variety of other infecting microrganism may be found.


The peculiar bone structure makes this infection a challenging occurrence, often requiring surgical procedure(s) and prolonged antibiotic therapies.


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Bone Defects in Osteomyelitis: a Frequent Occurrence

Bone infections are often associated with severe bone loss, due to the following reasons, that may also be associated:

- The infection process per se;

- Surgical debridement;

- Previous surgeries;

- Previous trauma or fractures.

Infected bone loss and bone defect represent one of the most complex and difficult-to-treat condition in orthopaedics. They may occur at any age and can involve any bone.

This problems have been traditionally addressed with antibiotic-loaded bone grafts, bone substitutes or cement, bone transport, complex plastic procedures, etc..



bioglass: a possibile solution

Recent discoveries have shown that antibacterial bioactive glass can effectively be used in managing bone defect and, at the same time, fighting chronic bone infections in orthopaedics.

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bioglass: a possibile solution - Bone and Joint Infections

Cerament G: filling bone defects with local antibiotic delivery

 The first CE-marked injectable ceramic bone graft substitute containing an antibiotic which protects bone healing.

• A resorbable ceramic bone graft substitute intended to fill bone gaps and voids to promote bone healing

• To provide a void/gap filler that can augment hardware and bone alignment during surgical procedures

• The elution and local delivery of gentamicin is intended to prevent colonization of gentamicin sensitive microorganisms to protect bone healing.                         Learn more....

Bone and Joint Infections

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Bone and Joint Infections


Bone and Joint Infections

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