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Cerament G

A novel injectable filling bone substitute

Cerament G features

The first CE-marked injectable ceramic bone graft substitute containing an antibiotic which protects bone healing.


• A resorbable ceramic bone graft substitute intended to fill bone gaps and voids to promote bone healing

• To provide a void/gap filler that can augment hardware and bone alignment during surgical procedures


• The elution and local delivery of gentamicin is intended to prevent colonization of gentamicin sensitive microorganisms to protect bone healing.

Material composition

Powder phase


• Hydroxyapatite (HA) for long term support and bone remodeling



• Calcium sulfate hemihydrate (CaS) for short term strength (resorbs within 6 to 12 months


Liquid phase


Sodium Chloride 9mg/mL 


10mL paste contains 175mg gentamicin


Cerament G - The brochure

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Cerament G Cerament G [323 Kb]

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